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We’ll develop a professional, polished digital presence that reflects not only your goals, but who you are as an organization. With a professional and cohesive look and feel across every piece of your marketing strategy, your clients and potential customers will gain trust in your message and value proposition. A polished look builds confidence in your products and services, and boosts the likelihood of referrals. 


Digital marketing services that GROW your business.

The best digital marketing strategy is a living and breathing blend of expert services, optimized for your needs. I’ll work with you to identify the best services for your unique industry and goals.

Even the best product or service will never get the chance to impress people if it can’t be discovered. That’s where I come in. Together we'll use strategic design and messaging to bring interest inward, through strategically built digital marketing campaigns that meet your audience with the right message at the right time.


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Nurture your leads with targeted ads, campaigns, and valuable education and social content that finds them at the right time. You may have been able to capture initial interest, which is GREAT, but that’s only half the battle in the digital age. Retargeted ad campaigns, educational drip email campaigns, and valuable content at just the right time can remind your audience of your value, keeping you top of mind when it matters most. Together we’ll take advantage of powerful marketing automation tools, building the right campaigns to keep your audience engaged no matter where they are at in their buyer’s journey.


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I have had such a fun time working with the incredibly sharp and talented people at Edcite on marketing initiatives over the past few months, including some email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and a deep dive discovery into their audience and messaging. 

It feels truly rewarding to be able to collaborate with their team to help give a voice to such powerful and impactful products. This is exactly the type of thing that sparked me becoming a marketer originally 😌🙌

We are also all very excited to launch a new campaign around their #DataHub shortly and I look so forward to the ripple effect that game-changing product will have on #charterschools , #schooldistricts , classrooms and ultimately individual #students. I’m grateful for the chance to be a part of something so special.
Earlier this month I was featured in an article on 14 small business risks that are worth taking. My risk worth taking? Taking an initial pay cut to gain experience. And boy, was it ever. Check out my contribution below:

Taking an initial pay cut to gain new experience as an agency marketer was absolutely a risk worth taking. At the time, I was an in-house marketer at a finance firm. Internal marketing positions are known for paying very well and having other “cushy” perks when compared to agency marketing, such as being less stressful. That said, I had hit a wall with what I was going to learn, and frankly, I was bored. To widen my knowledge and work with other industries and their unique challenges, I needed to be in the fast-paced, “sink or swim” environment of an agency. Looking back, it was hands down the best career move I could have made. I ultimately surpassed my income, working now as both an agency marketer at an incredible agency, as well as a freelancing. I have zero boring days (seriously!) and learn more new and exciting things about marketing every single day.
Here are my top ten analytics to keep an eye on when monitoring the performance of my clients’ Google Ads campaigns and making decisions:
1️⃣ Total Conversions 
In other words, completed goals. This usually means sales, but could also mean form submissions, phone calls, and more.
2️⃣ Cost Per Conversion
How much is it costing you to meeting your goal?
3️⃣ Conversion Rate
The rate of conversion over the number of interactions with your ads.
4️⃣ Total Spend (Cost)
Total cost in whatever time period you’re viewing
5️⃣ Overall ROI
This can be a challenge to calculate due to repeat business, referrals and more, but it is very helpful to have a starting conversation. Return on investment means, how much did my initial spend return to me?
6️⃣ Clicks
7️⃣ Cost Per Click
8️⃣ Click-Through Rate (CTR)
How often are people clicking when viewing my ads?
9️⃣ Quality Score
Google’s option of how well your ad quality compares to your competitors and other advertisers. This combines other factors, such as expected click-through-rate, ad relevance, and the landing page experience once they click through to the destination.
Less, but still important:

🔟 Impressions / Impression Share
How often your ads are being shown
Utilize reviews and testimonials in your marketing campaigns. Touting your own successes too frequently can feel disingenuous. Reviews and testimonials, on the other hand, are a way of sharing your value proposition, but from another’s perspective and feel much more trustworthy.
Some great ways to use reviews are scattered throughout your website, as captions on social media posts or paid ads, overlaid on images throughout your email campaigns or print pieces, or via influencer marketing (which is an entire market based around the power of trust signaling using testimonials and reviews).
Reviews can be used to enhance case studies, shared internally within your organization to celebrate a job well done, and elevate your image further if you engage with these reviews on local SEO listing sites (Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List, Nextdoor, Facebook).
The easiest and most helpful way to ensure alignment between sales and marketing is a frequent check-in and review of prospective customer mindset. 
Here are a few things you can review in a regularly scheduled check-in between Sales and Marketing teams: 
🤔 What are our leads asking about our products or services in the sales process?
🤔 In what order are these questions coming up?
🤔 Does our marketing currently address these questions, and if so, how well?
Because the best marketing anticipates and answers questions from the target audience, a regular collaborative approach with your company’s Sales and Marketing teams may be the best way to collect that information and optimize accordingly.
Looking for an easy way to get the “big picture” of a website, text conversation, or anything else on your phone or computer? These two tools make scrollshots incredibly quick and easy. They are especially helpful with design, portfolio creation, or in sending a thread in an organized way that is easy for someone else (and you) to follow.
💻 GoFullPage: A chrome extension* (pro-tip, don’t create content on a Sunday night) that allows you to capture a full image or PDF of an entire webpage, email thread, etc. at the push of a button.
📲Picsew: A mobile app that creates an immediate exportable scroll shot from your own most recent overlapping screenshots, with zero effort. 
Swipe through for examples!
My clients knew it was time to hire a consultant or agency for outside help when three things occurred: 
First, they were spending more time, mental energy, and effort on their marketing than on running their own business. Business owners are self-starters and often like to have control over most aspects of their business, so it’s easy for them to fall into the trap of wanting to teach themselves to become marketers. When they realize they are falling behind on their original business initiatives, they are often ready to bring in outside help.
Second, they realized their own marketing efforts could only take them so far, and it was time to call in an expert who could do things with more skill and from a place of experience. Just as with the business you run, marketers are experts in their fields and have years of practice helping businesses like yours become more profitable.
Third, the money they stood to bring in through expert marketing would ultimately be more than the cost of that marketing. While onboarding may be a larger investment, a good marketer will have the conversation with you about ROI and what makes sense to spend on marketing vs. what you are earning from that marketing. Regular reviews of analytics and reporting will ensure you are recovering your initial spend, and inform you on what efforts have been most successful.
Today I spoke to a group of aspiring marketers at @thinkfulhq . Several questions came up surrounding jobs that ask for sample company/client work to be completed as part of the application process. Here’s my feedback:

Employers and agencies should NEVER be asking for production work, unpaid, for themselves or for any of their clients. In the case of wanting to see how applicants perform, employers can create a clearly fictional (read: unusable) company and state:

1. That it is fictional
2. That it is solely to gauge performance
3. That your production should not be time-intensive (less than 2 hours)
4. That finished work is entirely the property of the applicants

If you are looking for a job in marketing and an employer requests unpaid work, be very cautious. This could be indicative of low professional integrity. If you see the opportunity as being worthy of an exception, screen share completed work or watermark the heck out of anything you do send.

If you are an employer asking for free production work from job applicants, this is a very bad move and you should absolutely stop. To gauge how an applicant performs, use the method above. This in combination with an applicant’s portfolio, experience, and an interview should be more than enough to predict future performance.
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